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An old radiator Q&A

Your most frequently asked questions, answered! Read More

Fin-tube Radiation for Steam Heating

An expert tells us how to get the job done right. Read More

Gold's Mattress Radiator

The world's first. Read all about it here, and see it in the Library. Read More

How indirect heating works

What to do when you're faced with a hidden radiator? This will help! Read More

How to Paint an Old Radiator

The voices of experience Read More

Old-radiator tips

Things you may not have considered. Read More

Radiator cover-up

Do radiator covers help or hurt? Read More

Radiator humidifiers

Where can I find those pots that hold water on steam radiators? Read More

Radiator Odors

When something stinks there's usually a reason, but how sensitive is your nose? Read More

Steam unit heaters (and what sometimes goes wrong with them)

Some of the things that can cause a steam unit heater not to heat as it should Read More