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Levittown radiant systems

The first to use radiant in tract housing. Read More

Oxygen-diffusion corrosion in radiant heating systems

Here's the straight scoop in plain-English Read More

PEX choices

Curious about the differences? Here's a plain-English explanation. Read More

PEX pipe makes noise

There is a great thread on the Wall that addresses this issue. Read More

Radiant Beginnings

Ever wonder how radiant heating got started and where it wandered along the way? Here's a travelogue for you. Read More

Radiant heat and wood floors

You have be careful when working with wooden floors and radiant. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Radiant Out of Control

When the design is wrong, radiant can make you miserable. Read More

Wood floors and radiant heat

When getting hardwood ready for any floor it's common knowledge to have it sit in the space where it will be installed and let it adapt to the temperature and humidity levels. When asked, I always say wait two weeks before installing the floor. I'm at odds with a GC who says that three days is enough. I know it isnt. How long do you guys recommend? Read More