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Doody Vapor System


July 27, 2009
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Thanks to Frank "Steamhead" Wilsey for finding and sharing this one with us. Here are his comments about this piece from 1912: "As nearly as I can figure, the "Doody Attachment" was a float-type damper regulator that worked something like the Broomell and VECO regulators. However, this one was not connected to the dry return to act as a receiver for water and air. Air was vented thru special Doody vents installed on each radiator. These were designed to allow some steam to escape to humidify the rooms." The Doody equipment could be installed on a one-pipe steam system. In this case the vents were installed in the usual radiator tappings. When used on a two-pipe system, the vents were installed in special Doody return elbows. So the Doody could be used to retrofit older installations as well as in new systems.