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Drop Header by Steve Nichols


September 16, 2013
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Steve writes, "
Hi Dan,
I just finished repiping my less than 1 year old steam boiler and wanted to share the results with those who think this stuff is cool!  After spending lots of time on The Wall, pouring over the pictures of everyone else's installs, I decided to take the plunge and try it myself.  Mind you, I have never repiped anything before so this was a major "take a breath and let's go" moment. 
I really learned a lot about piping, swing joints, accounting for takeup lengths, etc.   I was able to repipe the entire thing using lengths from the old pipe job in addition to stuff carried by Pex Supply.  I don't have a threader/cutter so this was the way I had to go.  Still, it wasn't that much money, just a lot of time building, measuring, ordering, fitting, measuring, ordering...etc...
While many of the pros suggested I use a 3" header, I got to the point where I needed to finish.  If you saw the "before" picture, you could appreciate how much better the piping now is with double risers and separate takeoffs to the front and back mains.  I am putting it through its paces now and will wash it out once I make a washing wand  a la Gerry Gill.  Then, it will be time to let it see a heating season.
I would not have been able to even tackle with without a 3' wrench, which I got off of Craigslist.  The plumber who sold it to me was a great guy and you could tell he took pride in his profession.  I was glad to take the tool and put it to good use.
While I don't anticipate seeing major improvements (aggressive mains vents but oversized boiler), this was a task that I decided I wanted to tackle and be able to say "done that!".  I'm kinda strange that way.
I would be honored if I could submit these to the portion of your site that houses all those other cool drop header pics.
PS - I made my own deadmen logo using the interweb.
Steve Nichols (newbie not dead man)