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System maintenance


July 10, 2009
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What do I have to do to keep my warm/hot-air heating system operating correctly?

Just as with any other appliance you own, proper maintenance will help ensure that your warm-air heating system remains in good working order.Have a preseason start up performed to make sure everything is working as it should be working. If you use the system only for heating, have it checked annually, and before the cold weather sets in. If the warm air heating system is tied into the central air conditioning (cooling) system, have it serviced both in the spring and in the fall.
Fora heating-only system, have the operation of the heat source and the air distribution system checked. The air-distribution-system components include the filter, filter rack,ductwork, blower, blower motor, belts, pulleys, supply registers and return grilles. The heat source includes the piping that carries the fuel to the furnace, the ignition system,the combustion process, the venting of the flue gases, the heat exchanger, as well as all operational and safety devices, controls and switches.