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July 10, 2009
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I see dirt on the ceiling registers. What can I do about that?

Thebest thing to do is clean it and see if it reappears in a week or so.Constant dust and dirt accumulation on the supply registers means thateither the filtration system is not operating properly, or that thereare air leaks on the return-air side of the system.

Filterscan only work effectively and efficiently if they are able to filterall the air. An improperly sized filter will allow air to bypass, anddust and dirt particles will flow along with it into the appliance.Some of this dirt will accumulate on the heating equipment; some willwind up in the air-distribution system, and some on the surface of thesupply grilles and registers.

Leaksinthe return-air duct will pull air into the appliance after the filter.This happens when the filter is in a central hallway, and not at thefurnace.

Will closing the supply registers or grills affect the operation of my heating system?

Closingtoo many supply registers can have a negative effect on the operationof the heating system because it reduces the airflow throughout theentire air-distribution system. This reduces the appliance’s ability totransfer its heat to the air. Since the appliance generates a specificamount of heat, not being able to reject this heat causes the applianceto overheat and shut off on safety.

Closing too many registers will have the same effect as leaving a clogged air filter in the system.

I have floor registers and I think they're ugly. I move my furniture over them so I don’t have to look at them. Is that okay?

No,it's not okay. Covering a floor register is just like closing a supplyregister. It can cause the appliance to overheat and shut down.

My son dropped a crayon into one of the floor registers. Is that a problem?

Not if your son has another crayon.

Ifyou venture down to your basement and disconnect the duct connectionson your floor registers, you will be astonished by what you'll find.Remember that pea that rolled off the dinner table last June andmysteriously vanished? How about the dry cereal fight your kids hadback in the '90s? If you'd like to take a trip down Memory Lane, have aprofessional disconnect your floor register connections and remove allthose hidden treasures. And have your checkbook handy.

Personally, I would just get the kid a new crayon.