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Under-Floor Heating, by Alexandra Jackson


August 7, 2012
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Under-floor heating is increasingly becoming a more common choice for homeowners to achieve the warmth and comfort desired in any property. The modern systems use either electrical or hydronic elements to create heat that can then reverberate around the largest of rooms.

As the heating is embedded under floor and the temperature can be altered to as low a level as you wish, the system is proven to be a safer option than other central heating alternatives. Potential hazards due to accidental contact with radiators are no longer an issue so it is an especially excellent choice for families with young children or the elderly. Under-floor heating also allows for more space within a room as there’s no need for bulky heating devices that can also look unsightly.

It can also have a positive effect on the quality of the air inside your home and ensure your rooms establish a temperature that doesn’t support the cause of mould, bacteria and even dust mites. Some people suffer from irritation to either their skin or nasal passages due to the dry air radiators create. Underfloor heating is a great way to minimise those irritating symptoms and provide optimum comfort.

The temperature of your system depends on the flooring in your home. For carpeted living rooms for instance, the temperature would have to be set higher than it would in a tiled bathroom in order to feel the effects. Your choice between electrical or water pump-driven heating will depend on the size and shape of your room. Water-based systems require more depth for the pipes to be fitted under your flooring and often prove trickier to install. Electric systems are more easily fitted within restricting areas; however both installations depend on professionals to ensure all equipment is fixed correctly.

Under-floor system work by radiation and don't actually heat the air in the room. That makes them more economical than other systems, which depend on convection to warm the air. With underfloor, the temperature of the air at the ceiling is about the same as the temperature of the air a foot or so above the floor. This means that there's less heat though the ceiling with an under-floor system. Also, for people with poor circulation in their feet under-floor heating is a fantastic solution.

Once installed by a qualified specialist, there should be no need for maintenance or regular servicing. A lifelong guarantee will save you money and provide you with a cosy home as long as you should live there!

Alexandra Jackson wrote this article on behalf of Bathshop321 who provide high quality bathroom suites and accessories at affordable prices, why not finish off your ideal bathroom with under-floor heating? That way you’ll never have to brave the harshness of the cold tiles under foot when stepping out of the tub!