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Advantages of an Electric Floor Heating System, by Nick Johnson


Nick Johnson
October 15, 2012
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Electric floor heating systems can be installed by placing electric cables built into the floors, or alternatively by installing electrically conductive plastic mounted into the sub-floor below the floors surface, such as tiles. Electric floor heating uses convection to keep the home warm through the radiation of heat from the floor.

There are many advantages to the installation of electric floor heating systems. including cost efficiency and heat efficiency. Electric floor heating systems are more beneficial than baseboard heating or forced air heating because energy is not lost through ducts. Additionally, the lack of moving air that causes floating of dust particles can help
particularly for those with allergies.

The cost effectiveness of an electric floor heating system can be dependent on where it is installed and is especially effective if installed under thick concrete floors. If your electric company offers time-of-use rates you can charge the concrete floor with heat in off-peak hours, usually in the evening to early morning time. If the floor is large enough, the heat will retain itself, keeping your home warm for eight to ten hours more so in areas with high external daytime
temperatures. Heating your home during off peak hours saves significantly over daytime heating costs.

Electric radiant heating is also beneficial in rooms that are an extension of your home, such as a conservatory or additional room where it would not be cost effective to extend the current homes heating system. Electric radiant heating also gives a more reliable, even climate throughout the home, versus radiators that will concentrate hot
air in a particular area of the room or house creating hot and cold spots.

Installation of electric radiant heating is easy and maintenance is low as there are no unreliable moving parts. Floor installation is less intrusive as electric heating cables are smaller than water cables and do not need to be installed as deeply.

As the heat comes from the floor, carpeted areas are kept warm and dry especially as electric radiant heating is relatively draft free and there are no risk of leaks. Dry carpets will help prevent the growth of bacteria and mites which are attracted to damp areas of a home, thus keeping your house cleaner and warmer. Electric radiant heating is cleaner and more cost-efficient in comparison to other forms of heat such as radiators and heaters.