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Cast Iron Radiators – A Cost Effective Choice for Your Home? By Dave Abernethy


Dave Abernethy
January 21, 2013
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As I am writing this, snow is on the ground and cold is all about. It sounds like something from A Christmas Carol.

One of the biggest costs for all of us at the moment can be heating our homes, especially if you have the more spacious rooms that are often found in older and often less-well-insulated properties. Energy prices are rising every year and even if new sources of fossil fuel like shale gas may help to stop or slow this down, pessimism (or is it realism?) says they won’t ever be cheap again.

But we want our homes to be comfortable without costing the earth (or planet) so we need to be as efficient as possible in everything we do. And that’s where cast-iron radiators come in.

If you are looking to update and improve your heating, traditional cast-iron radiators could provide you with a surprisingly cost effective choice.

But surely that’s a contradiction?

Many people think of cast-iron radiators as old-fashioned and inefficient. Indeed, many owners of contemporary homes threw out their old-fashioned ‘traditional radiators’ in favor of more up-to-date models. I know because I was one of them, but my excuse is that I was young and foolish then.

Well, I am older and wiser now, and I know that cast-iron radiators can in fact be brilliantly efficient home heaters.

Per square inch, these radiators generate far more heat than many conventional designs for the same amount of energy input.  Cast-iron radiators also take much longer to cool down once the heating has been switched off. This can help your home feel more uniformly warm rather than suffering uncomfortable temperature peaks and troughs. It means you will not need to run the boiler (furnace) for as long.

As I get older, I am also less prepared to accept what I am given, or follow boring fashion. And, I have to say, so many modern radiators really look boring.

Reproduction cast-iron radiators, however, offer a huge range of designs to suit your modern, as well as more traditional, home. You can have plain, contemporary looks or highly ornate (yes, I know – old-fashioned looking?) ones and every room can be different. You can have your radiators in a wide range of different finishes, with bold, bright colors and metallic effects. You can really personalize them to be unique to your home.

So give traditional cast-iron radiators some consideration for your home. They could be just what you want.

(If you want to see a great range of reproduction cast iron radiators and find out more about them, check out the very informative Paladin Radiators site ( – their range is on They are leading UK specialist manufacturers and export direct to the US, Canada and Europe too. )