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Is shopping on an e-commerce store build with Activa Commerce secure?

Yes. Any e-commerce Website powered by Activa Commerce has built-in security, from secure customer accounts to encrypted payment screens.
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What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. [ top ]

Where do you find all this news that's on the site?

Dan Holohan has no life. He sits in a locked room all day long and on into the night, searching the World Wide Web for all of this stuff. He's obsessed, and his wife and business partner, The Lovely Marianne, is a saint for putting up with him for all these years.
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How do you keep my transaction secure?

We use VeriSign, and it gets no safer than that. Rest easy.
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Do you save my credit card information on your site?

Nope, when you place your order with us, it goes directly though the bank for approval. We don't store any credit card information at all on our site. Your information is as safe as can be.
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What's your return policy?

Our goal is to delight you. You may return anything you buy from us within 30 days of when you receive it, no questions asked. Send it back in good shape and we'll give you a full refund. Oh, and you should know that very few people send things back. We ship the good stuff!
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Can I cancel an order?

Sure! Just call us at 800-853-8882. And if we've already shipped it, just send it back to us for a full refund. No problem! [ top ]

Do you ship everywhere?

It depends because of the different shipping rates and the restrictions placed on us by certain countries. If you're outside the U.S. and you're interested in buying from us, please e-mail us at [email protected] [ top ]

How do you ship?

Usually by either the U.S. Postal Service or UPS. Please call us if you need a different carrier or if you need it overnight (800-853-8882). We usually ship within the week that you order, and most of what we sell is always in stock. Got questions? Call us. We're easy to talk to. [ top ]

Where can I ask questions?

The Wall is the place for your questions. Ask and watch what happens. has a huge audience and some of the brightest people in the heating industry hang out here. Most questions find answers within a few minutes. Good people helping each other. That's what this site is all about.
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I asked a question on the Wall and didn't get an answer. How come?

You may have asked a question that involves safety issues and the pros who visit don't think that you should be messing with that stuff. By not answering you, they're actually looking out for you. Don't get upset; some jobs are best left to the pros.
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How did you manage to gather so much great information?

It's been a labor of love over many years. Dan Holohan has a great library of old heating books and magazines, and he also has a lot of friends who find, scan, and share the hard-to-find literature. It's all in our Library, so put it to good use.
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How do I read the PDF documents on

You'll need a bit of software from Adobe to download the many PDFs (that's Portable Document Format for you non-geeks) throughout our site. But don't worry, the software is free. Click HERE to get the Adobe Reader. Load it and save it to your computer. Then go click on as many PDFs as you'd like. They'll open right up for you.
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Does Dan Holohan do personal consulting?

Dan Holohan, the owner of this joint, isn't allowed to do any personal consulting (we keep him in a locked room), but if you post your questions on The Wall (click the Ask Questions tab), you'll get lots of great input from some of the best in the business, and others will learn by reading the thread. It's how our online community grows. We share knowledge and experiences. And it's a very friendly place.
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Do you screen the professionals who advertise at

No, we don't. The ads that you see in the Find a Professional section of our site are similar to ads you'll see in the Yellow Pages. You should ask for references and talk with the professional before hiring him or her. We do, however, know most of the people who advertise with us from their participation on The Wall (click the Ask Questions tab). If you spend some time reading The Wall, you'll get to know these people. Each advertiser has a link to his or her ad on each of his or her Wall posts. You can also use Search when you're on The Wall to pull up all the posts ever made by any Wallie (that's what we call each other), including all the Find a Professional advertisers.
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May I reprint any of the information on this site?

Please ask first. There a lot of copyrighted material here and we like to know where it's going, so please write us at [email protected] and tell us what you have in mind. Thanks.
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I'm a professional, how do I advertise on

Just click on the Find a Professional tab and click the button for Pros Get Listed. Your investment is just $400 a year to show some very interested people what you can do for them. It's a great place to shine!
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I see Google ads. How does that work?

Google's robot looks at what's on each page and then decides which ads work best with the content. They handle the whole thing and we sit back and marvel at it all. The advertisers you see in the Google ads pay Google to appear here, and when you click on one of their ads, Google gets paid, and they then share a bit of that with us as the host. You can learn more about this by going to Google and searching AdWords.
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I'm a manufacturer. How can I get one of those neat banner ads?

We have a limited amount of them, and they're all first-come, first-served. The investment is very reasonable and the audience is very interested in what you have to tell them. E-mail us at [email protected], or call us at 800-853-8882 and we'll tell you more. And if you want to know how popular this site is, go to Google and search Heating. Check out where we come up. This is a great place to be seen.
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