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    Reset button keeps tripping (7 Posts)

  • Alfred J. Kauth Alfred J. Kauth @ 8:52 PM
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    Reset Tripping

    Dear Sir, Please call a reliable oil dealer in your area. The reset button should only be reset once,if it fails again you are spraying unburned fuel into your combustion chamber.This can be a dangerous situation for you and for the technician who you call, please let him know how many times you attempted to relight the furnace for both of your safety!
  • Ragu Ragu @ 5:32 PM
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    How did you make out with your call to the oil company? It sure sounds like a Miller(Nordyne)trailer furnace to me, and you need to have somebody who knows their stuff. Hope all is well. To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • Don Don @ 8:42 PM
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    Reset button keeps tripping out

    When my furnace turns on (down draft mobile home type), the blower comes on and a few seconds later (10-15), the reset button trips, causing the burner to shut off. The blower keeps running until the lower limit is reached. The limits are set at approx 90 degrees and 115 degrees. Any suggestions?
  • Norm Harvey Norm Harvey @ 8:59 PM
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    I definately agree. The more you press that reset button the larger of an explosion your building when it does ignite. That coupled with a cold chimney with a column of heavy air = alot of soot damage to the interior of your home. Or worse a fire. To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
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  • Don Don @ 4:07 PM
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    When the reset button is tripped the furnace is running with flame in the fire box. The reset button turns the furnace off, but the blower continues to work until the lower limit is reached and then it shuts off. When resetting, the burner fires normally, but will trip out when the blower limit switch reaches about 5 degrees or so above the turn on point for the blower. This morning the whole thing worked fine, but later it did the same thing. Could the limit switch be faulty? Could there be another reason for this, another control I am missing?
  • brucewo1b brucewo1b @ 7:26 PM
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    Don I would get a pro to look at this ASAP

    If the primary control is locking out after the fan turns on it sounds like a cracked heat exchanger and the fan coming on is disturbing the flame so that the cadcell is not getting a proper reading locking out the control.
  • powerhead powerhead @ 4:34 PM
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    Which Button?

    Which reset are you talking about, the one on the Burner Control or the one on the Hi-Limit Safety? If it's the high limit then something may be blocking airflow through the system. Are all the vents open? Does the fan motor bind up after a bit? Fan speed correct? Is the blower belt driven? How 'bout the return, blocked? filter clean?.......
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