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    steam pipe insulation (4 Posts)

  • Dan Dan @ 9:51 PM
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    pipe insulation

    I just insulated my steam pipes. I bought my materials at Homans (google it-they are located all over the Northeast). A few words of caution. If you are doing it yourself,rather than hiring a pro, it will not look as pretty as the pictures do on this site--unless you are a very gifted handyperson. My job looks "okay" and got the job done, but is not a work of art. Home Depot sells 1/2 inch fiberglass pipe insulation which is not thick enough for steam pipe especially near boiler piping. Codes generally require two inch thick insulation on pipes of greater than one inch and one inch thickness of insulation on pipes of one inch or less to be thermally effective. Foam piping will melt on steam pipe. Supply house insulation is more expensive than Home Depot because it works better. If you do it yourself, please be advised that many supply houses only sell to the trade. If they do sell to you-the price will be full retail. As a homeowner, I buy non-dangerous things at supply houses that I can't buy at big box stores and follow two rules: (1)know exactly what you want-do your materials research before you go and do not annoy the counter help with stupid questions (2) let the trade guys go first-they are on the clock (it could be your clock someday) and they do not have time to waste while you are stumbling around. There is a sense of acccomplishment in knowing that the boiler is now heating my house rather than my cold basement. Good luck on your job. Dan
  • Irv Irv @ 11:47 AM
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    steam pipe insulation

    Anyone know of a good supplier for steam pipe insulation? Long Island area. Thanks.
  • chris chris @ 1:41 PM
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    I would reccomend calling just about any insulation contractor...they frequently can install quality for less than you can purchase insulation. Pipe insulation frequently costs more than the pipe and with the majority of insulation suppliers also running insulation installation companies,... well you figure it out.
  • Maynard Maynard @ 2:01 PM
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    Home Depot Sells Fiberglass Insulation For Steam Pipes.Comes With Tape on It For Easy install.
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