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    I notice south of my border (10 Posts)

  • Empire Empire @ 10:57 PM
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    I have seen this fastener:

    I think they suck too. Hex head is better in my opinion. Phillips when rusted and beginning to strip can be a pain, and the same for the square head mentioned. Mike T.
  • N/A @ 6:54 PM

    Me too

    I built some Adirondack chairs last year and used the stainless steel square drive screws. First time and I loved them. Assembled a new bullet press this past week and it came equipped with combination screws that would accept either slotted, Phillips or square drive bits. I would expect to see more of that in the near future. Glenn Stanton Manager of Technical Development Burnham Hydronics U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
  • Home Depot Employee Home Depot Employee @ 12:22 AM
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    I like them

    I would go out of my way to find the square head deck screw. beats the philips hands down!
  • N/A @ 10:37 PM

    Many American manufacturers still don`t embrace this simple system, could it be in-not selling the patent to Henry Ford this still has something to do with it?
    If you`ve ever used one of these, it blows the Phillips head screw OUT OF THE WATER LOL! fastening device

  • Mark Hunt Mark Hunt @ 7:50 AM
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    I agree

    those things will go through just about anything. I use them. Mark H
  • PeterGriffin PeterGriffin @ 3:06 PM
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    An electrician and I were talking about how superior we feel a robertson screw is. He was telling me that in the States they are often used on cabinets for security. Kind of like an anti-theft/anti-vandalism type thing.. Any truth to that?
  • Maine Doug Maine Doug @ 5:22 PM
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    All the good antique

    furniture I have is put together with Robertson screws. Seems to be a standard in furniture.
  • Ron Gillen Ron Gillen @ 8:26 PM
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    Not much security here!

    Up north we would use hex for things like plates, but for everything we do that requires a wood or sheet metal screw,it's robertson. Flat and pan head, in construction you seldom see anything else. Of course drywall guys use phillips, robertsons don't know when to quit.
  • Gordy Gordy @ 12:29 AM
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    Agree with Mike

    The square heads are just a little bit better than a philips. Hex heads are better then both. Quicker tip alignment, less prone to strip, more prone to snap the head off though in tougher woods. Gordy
  • N/A @ 11:15 PM

    Typical response,

    that I expected from you Mike, if they`re not common they are no good, right!

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