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    Flair MFG. corp valves (3 Posts)

  • bobbyg bobbyg @ 7:06 PM
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    If you type in "flair" in the search button above, you will see a lot of info on past posts. They haven't been available for awhile.
  • bob bob @ 7:37 PM
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    Flair MFG Corp. Valves

    I have a very old flair thermostatic control valve for hot water baseboard heating. Just was wondering if anyone out there knows more information on these valves or were i can possible get replacement parts.
  • FlairProducts FlairProducts @ 1:36 PM
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    Availability of Flair Products

    We have many variations of both electric and non electric Flair Zone valves, Thermostatic Radiator Valves, and Stack Pack products and parts.
    Contact us at or 516-908-6658 or check our website at You can buy directly from us and we feature next day shipping of all orders.
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