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    new type of base board (3 Posts)

  • Randy-Lee Braman Randy-Lee Braman @ 9:48 PM
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    oil filled electric

    I've retrofitted a couple of all electric homes with the new oil/gell filled electric baseboard.People loved it.Puts out a more even heat then the old stuff,none of that saw effect.Did a friends in the fall and his average bill for heating,cooking and hotwater in the coldest was $300,but electric deregulation is coming and that may change alot Randy-Lee
  • mike mike @ 7:24 PM
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    new electric baseboard

    Has any one tried this? had a customer ask about it. It is electric heat with a conductive fluid in the element. What do you guys think??
  • fatty fatty @ 1:29 AM
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    sounds like the classic oil-filled electric that mimics the look of a traditional cast-iron sectional.
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