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    The Jerk at the Supply House (18 Posts)

  • mtfallsmikey mtfallsmikey @ 6:50 AM
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    With the economy the way it is

    Everyone is getting testy. Bad economic times should bring out the best in people, but we have been spoiled by a good run.
  • John R. Hall John R. Hall @ 7:27 AM
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    Sounds like

    He has a miserable existence and wants to share it with others. Who said he was selfish, eh? :-)
  • Supply House Rick Supply House Rick @ 8:44 AM
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    Coming from the Supply Business

    Man, thanks Paul ***Edited Take your business elsewhere!
  • Paul Fredricks Paul Fredricks @ 9:18 AM
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    Think you missed it Rick

    This was the owner!
  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 9:58 AM
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    Correct. What makes me sad about the whole thing is that innocent people are shackled to this maniac.
  • Keith Keith @ 1:15 PM
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    In this country there is no excuse for working for a tirant. Plenty of jobs out there with better working conditions. I worked for a contractor for 2 1/2 years. The 1st 2 years things went well. He turned into a maniac and it took me 4 months to find an exit strategy. Out the door I went. Guess what? He is still a maniac 6 years later. His company has shrunk to 30% of what it was when I was there. Not because I left but because employees, venders and the customers will not put up with it. He thinks everyone else has the problem, not him. Keith
  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 9:54 AM
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    Heard from another person this morning that this has been going on for over 20 years at least.
  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 9:56 AM
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    Move on? Trust me, I did. I normally do business with my local HD Supply and Ferguson. Both local branches have some great people. Treat me better than I deserve.
  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 9:57 AM
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    I hear ya... but he's been like this for a long time.
  • Jeff Lawrence Jeff Lawrence @ 9:58 AM
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    What amazes me

    Is that people still go to this supply house. I was treated poorly by the manager of a local supply house and when I complained to the out-of-state owners they rationalized it by saying he has to drive 2 plus hours each way to go to work. That's no excuse. I will not darken the door of that supply house again.
  • don don @ 2:22 PM
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    So the guy had no personality..Did he have the part? Sound like that guy on the steinfield show who had the best soup in town...the soup----. Maybe, he has the best price in town and he's allow to be cocky. After all I wonder how many times in his day does he hear... How much ? Click.
  • N/A @ 2:37 PM


  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 2:40 PM
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    This is past being cocky. This is being an a-hole. Who cares if he had the part or not. I am more concerned about the victims of his deep character flaw than whether I got the part or not.
  • Paul Fredricks Paul Fredricks @ 3:53 PM
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    And what if there was a problem with the part. Maybe he acts this way so there are no warranty returns.
  • NW Indiana Steve NW Indiana Steve @ 4:43 PM
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    This proves the theory...

    This jerk confirms the theory that when God created the heavens and the Earth, He did not make enough horse's front ends, which is why there are so many horse's a--es running around loose.
  • Empire Empire @ 5:49 AM
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    This guy has 2 problems. He is stressing under or over the business and CLEARLY needs mental help!!! Nobody should have to sit through that crap for any reason. That's a good way to get your A** kicked. I'm sure it will probably happen if it already hasn't. Mike T.
  • Keith Keith @ 6:47 AM
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    move on

    Find another place to do business. There must be another supply house in the area because with that type of treatment any trades person in the business for more than 6 months wouldn't tolerate the abuse. You never know where these people get their attitude from, however.............. Don't let his bitterness take another minute of your time, move on. Keith
  • Richard Miller Richard Miller @ 3:02 AM
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    The Jerk at the Supply House

    Sorry for the formatting. I copied and pasted what I wrote on another forum. I have a client wanting a radiant floor. He would like to purchase the tubing for the radiant floor himself. While that is not my preference, it's no big deal. I will still make my money, it's just that I prefer the control sourcing all the products myself gives me. He is actually wanting to source it to help me out. (Due to health reasons, I lost everything about 5 years ago. I am still rebuilding from that and even though I am repaying all my debts, my credit is shot.) But like I said, no big deal either way. He did mention the supply house he would like to buy it from. Told me to give him the specs and he would get it. So on Friday I figured I would give that supply house a call and check on the brand of PEX they carried. They are a bit out of my area so I don't do business with them myself. I had tried once and was appalled at how the owner was yelling at a customer who asked about returning an item he was buying. The owner screamed obscenities at the customer as he grabbed the item back and ran the guy off the place. Remember, the customer had only asked if he could return it if he changed his mind. The following is my best recollection of how the call went. [quote]Counter guy - XXXXXXX Supply Me - Good afternoon, hey, I am needing a little over 2,000 feet of PEX and was just calling to see what brand you are carrying. Counter guy (yelling) - Brand? What do you need to know the brand for? They all buy and sell each other and there is no way of knowing which brand is which. Me - That's OK. I was just checking which brand you were carrying before I send my guy down to pick some up. Counter guy (still yelling) - Listen we have been in business since 1953. It doesn't matter which brand we carry. PEX is PEX. Who cares what brand it is? You're crazy for even asking. (At this point he ranted on for a little. I don't remember what he said but it was one insult after another being hurled at me because I dared to ask which brand of PEX they carried. He finally stopped for breath.) Me - Sir, I was needing over 2,000 feet for this job. But I guess I won't be able to do business with you. Counter guy (yelling louder) - You're **** right. I don't want your business anyways. -click[/quote] In business since 1953 huh? Well, not because he deserves if for sure. I made a couple of phone calls. Turns out he has a reputation of doing this. First I called back and spoke with a lady. I let her know that I wasnt going to be doing business with people who treated me like a jerk. I wasnt rude, but neither was I friendly at all. She tried to be helpful but someone started hollering at her. I quickly asked her if there was any way they could fire the guy who was so rude to me in pretty much those words. Turns out I had been speaking with the owner. Oops. Then I found their website and sent them an email. Here is what I said: [quote]It is your right to get angry at someone for asking what brand of PEX pipe they carry. It is your right to be an jerk like you were. It is disgusting and proof you are a sad excuse for a human being. But still, you have the right to be an jerk in America. (You do a good job of it.) Unfortunately for you, I also have the right to broadcast the story about what you are like far and wide. I am going to let as many people know as possible about this story. I sincerely hope you either change your ways or go out of business soon. I know you have been in business a long time but that could all change you know. [/quote] The reply was where it started getting crazy. [quote]Thank You Thank You Thank You! I have worked at this company for almost XX yrs. When I tell people what I have to put with every day they look at me like Im crazy. I work in the Show Room Side. We try very hard to give to OUR customers the very best service and with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Im sorry you had to go through this experience. We are taking steps to be able to service those who need plumbing supplies. The showroom handles the finishing fixtures. Please do not tell XXXX anything I have said I need my job my income is all I have. Thanks and so sorry you had to experience the stupidity of XXXX XXXXXXXXX.[/quote]We continued to exchange emails. Here are some more excerpts. [quote]XXXXXXX, XXXXs [relative], is co-owner of the company with XXXX. [He/She] has had to put up with him for over 40 yrs. Unfortunately, there isnt anything we can do here to stop him. He is over the parts counter and XXXXXXXX is over the show room. He has cussed out customers young and old (80) and then ran them out of the building. I had a customer whos husband called here wanting to beat XXXXs ___. I told him to let me know when he was coming and Id make sure all the doors were locked so XXXX couldnt get out. I really would have locked them I have a key and could have. We are thinking about posting your email on the board or framing it. Our plumbers, who have to put up with him all the time, would enjoy a good laugh. Thanks Again and have a great evening you have certainly made mine great. [/quote]Part of my reply: [quote]Please pass on my apologies to whoever the lady was that I chewed on. I took out my shock and frustration on her a bit and I am sorry. I really do feel badly for y'all if what you are saying is true.[/quote] And this is what I got back... [quote]Most of the money generated from this business is through the show room. XXXX stands at the counter all day talking on the phone about [his hobby/side line business]. He will let customers stand at the counter waiting for him to get off the phone. We had to hire a new delivery guy because he would schedule a delivery and not show up til the late afternoon or the next day. This really caused problems. Im sorry we lost your business, but please call us in the future, and I promise you will not be treated the same as he did. One more thing the lady you spoke with is XXXXs wife. She completely understands where you are coming from. She has to go home with him. [/quote]I don't do drugs but I am feeling like I entered some kind of twilight zone or something. Is this a trip or what? So tomorrow I plant to tell the story to the home owner. I think it would just make the most sense if I sourced the pipe and he paid me upon delivery.
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