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    Quickbooks is a farging VIRUS!!!!!!!...................(Starch) (13 Posts)

  • rerun rerun @ 9:25 PM
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    Do yourself a favor use Proventure. $9.99 Simple, easy to use.
  • Maine Ken Maine Ken @ 9:26 PM
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    I use Microsoft Office Accounting Pro. Never had a single issue. (knocking on wood). To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • John Starcher John Starcher @ 8:31 AM
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    I have never....

    ....heard of that one! Is it available in a multi-user version?
  • Al Al @ 11:28 PM
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    John, Have you tried the Quickbooks users' forums site?
  • Ruthe Jubinville Ruthe Jubinville @ 2:25 PM
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    I stopped using it last year

    because I refuse to be held hostage by any company. When they said you had to buy update every 2 years I quit. As soon as I had done my final bookwork on 2004 version (which was in the tax season of 2007 on my 2006 books it would no longer allow me to do anything in the program if I did not update. Now I build my own form in Excel and use the rest of my Office programs like Access to keep date moving around together No more QuickBooks for me. Bah! Humbug!
  • John Starcher John Starcher @ 1:47 PM
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    Anyone remember the movie 'Johnny Dangerously\" ??

    I've had it. I'm done. I'm frustrated. Been using quickbooks for 15 years now. Have always upgraded when I needed to. I hate to think of the hundreds of hours that I have probably spent over that time dealing with software issues that have reared their ugly heads over the years. I've been using Pro2008 for the last 8 months. I've had to call tech support a couple times, but they have usually resolved my problem in one phone call. Overall it has worked "ok," but it runs extremely slow over the network (I'm using the three user version). Four days ago, a problem came up that I've never seen before. For some reason, you can't open the company file on either of the workstations in multi-user mode unless the file is already open on the host computer. Three calls to tech support (for a total of about six hours time spent on the phone), and I still have the problem. We verified that hosting was set up properly on all machines; that the database manager was configured properly; that file locations were proper; that sharing was set properly; and that the datafile was not corrupt (at least according to the program's "verify" routine). The last resort from the Eastern techie was to completely uninstall the software from all three machines and reinstall it. This, of course, fixed nothing. Their final suggestion to me was that I would just have to live with it. Live with it??!? Live with it???????!!!!!!!!!??????? I'm living with this, moron!!!!: I have spent literally thousands of dollars in licensing and support fees over the last 15 years, and your crappy software doesn't freaking work!!!!!!!!!! Intuit pretty much owns the accounting software market, so I doubt that they give a rat's rear end about little dinky Starcher Enterprises' problems, but I am ticked off!!!!!!! Twofold question: 1)has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to resolve it? And 2)can anyone suggest another software program? My accountant tells me that if I switch to another program, it will complicate HIS life. I have heard that there are other programs out there and that some can export data to quickbooks ( I refuse to capitalize that name anymore). Any ideas???? Starch
  • Mitch Mitch @ 2:29 PM
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    I love that movie

    Fargin incehole...somena bastages and Maronie continues to massacre the English of Michael Keatons BEST movis IMO My accountant does it all (One man shop) so I cannot long as Revenue Canada leaves me alone I pay him...
  • Heather Heather @ 5:00 PM
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    Microsoft can do everything I need. Macros are my best friend. The set-up takes a considerable amount of time, but I've never had a need to buy any specialty software. There's always the options of "cracking" the upgrades, but we're all honest folks here, right?
  • Josh M. Josh M. @ 5:31 PM
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    I've been using the online version of quickbooks with good success. No bog down problems with multiple users.. Automatically upgrades. Can also set up user accounts for my guys in the field. They can create invoices and it updates our books in real time..
  • Ruthe Jubinville Ruthe Jubinville @ 7:59 PM
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    Is that the Simple Start

    Don't have to buy it! Works easily. I use it for my small business. Didn't know if it was powerful enough for a larger business. Don't have to deal with the phone support idiots and get updates without buying anything so far. Ruthe
  • N/A @ 5:07 PM

    Oh John. I could have killed 2 weeks ago. Been using 2005 version, they said no more support had to update. After talking for at least 15 hours over 3 days they gave up. Had to call in outside help to make the new program run. I have never stopped payment on their support, but did this time. Gonna swith over to peach tree first of the year. I only use them for payroll and check book. Sorry for your night mare, Isn't fun to speak to someone who does not speak english plainly. Peace Be With You David C. Broome To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • tim smith tim smith @ 9:11 AM
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    re; Peachtree, been using it for appx 15yrs now

    It is a more robust accounting program, more detail in it. Still not perfect but pretty good. I use the multi user premium accounting version. If you have not bought it yet, check out Gemini computers onling or Peachtree users forum for the product, usually much better price. I never buy tech support but as a new user I would probably do it for sure. Good luck. PS, there tech support is $$ and not so good until you get to upper tier. :O
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 9:23 PM
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    the old problem

    in the beginning of time ,if the architect [or builder] built the temple or pyramid and if "THEY DIDN'T COME" he lost his head [or some other part!] this later transpired to modern construction ["i built it according to the plans so the engineer is at fault"] in early computer problem disputes the software people would blame the hardware and vise versa. this problem of yours looks like a windows problem to me and so i am surprised that the wise men of bombay have not suggested that you reinstall windows [or repair system files] on the computer that holds the main QB file. there is a way to repair windows system files by booting off the windows installation disk and following some sort of procedure and i would advise that as the next step[ i suggest you go to help to get this right].make sure you back up all your QB [and other important] files before you do this..because you never know how things will turn out--[like old steam systems!]good luck--nbc
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