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  • Carlos Rodriguez Carlos Rodriguez @ 2:39 PM
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    Leaking Boiler Tubes

    I would like to know why its that our steam boiler have at least 1-6 boiler tubes leaking at the end of heating season. There is no water treatment in place. Thanks CR
  • Derheatmeister Derheatmeister @ 11:56 PM
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    Treatment good, Softener bad.You should check with Rhomar and ask them for help.Start with your information of you Boiler and work it from there. i.e PH,tds.They may want to have a sample of your Boiler fluid. Again Most Boiler manufactures will even Void the Warranty on the boiler if you have a Softener installed feeding into the system ! Richard from Heatmeister.
  • Edward A. (Ed) Carey Edward A. (Ed) Carey @ 8:36 PM
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    Make up water

    "The Boilers are Commercial. They are 100 hP gas. Manufacturer is York Shippley". First, the leaking tubes must be replaces by a properly certified repair agency. You did not say if the boiler(s) are heating only, process, or a combination. Before you start treating the water, you should check your system for the amount of make up water you are using. (Not from the leaks, but in the system itself). If this is process and there is normally a lot of make up water consumed, you must treat the make up water accordingly or this problem will only get worse. That could be expensive however if a 100 HP boiler lets loose and has a BLEVE at pressure, the damage it can cause could be catastrophic. If this is a sealed system, it should not use much make up water. If it is a sealed system and it does use a lot of make up water, you have to find any leaks and correct them, before trying to treat water. If you have a sealed system and you leave leaks in the system, and then start treating the water without correcting the leaks, it is treating the symptom while not bothering to cure the disease. You will be wasting a lot of money and really not solving your problem. Ed Carey
  • Henry Henry @ 11:17 AM
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    Heating boilers normaly do not require any water treatment only a softner. Only if you have problem water do you treat it. You have leaking tubes that need to be replaced. You don't notice it diring the season as the water turns to steam and exist in the chimney.
  • mtfallsmikey mtfallsmikey @ 6:35 AM
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    Is this

    Residential or commercial?? water treatment guy has some facinating photos of all kinds of equipment run with no water treatment whatsoever!
  • Carlos Rodriguez Carlos Rodriguez @ 5:14 PM
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    The Boilers are Commercial. They are 100 hP gas. Manufacturer is York Shippley.
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