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    Squealing/squeaking gas line (8 Posts)

  • Jim Bergmann Jim Bergmann @ 9:35 PM
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    If you are using a flex product, it most likely is the result of an undersized gas line. The velocity is too high in the line causing a harmonic frequency. It is just like that corrugated tubing that you used to spin over your head when you were a kid that sounded like a UFO landing.
  • Charles Miuccio Charles Miuccio @ 4:11 PM
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    Same thing happened to me the steam boiler would whistle when the burner came on. We were using ward flex 1" gas line I would throttle down from the gas valve and the noise would greatly reduce. I asked customer to contact the gas company himself and request a pressure check etc. He never did and then he passed away a year later. have lost contact with the people. If you get it solved please let me know. [email protected]
  • jeff jeff @ 6:44 PM
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    As best as I can tell, the sound is coming from the very small tube that delivers the gas to the pilot light. It's maybe only 1/16 - 1/8" in diameter.
  • Jeff Jeff @ 11:49 AM
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    As a follow up...I discovered that the sound is coming directly from the pilot light. The flame seems a little more active or jumpy than before. Could there be something partially blocking the flame nozel?
  • N/A @ 3:45 PM

    Have a professional

    gas service technicain come and take a look at it.
  • Jeff Jeff @ 9:09 PM
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    Thanks, I'll call the gas company tomorrow.
  • jeff jeff @ 12:56 PM
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    squealing/squeaking gas line

    I recently noticed that there was a squeaking (almost whistling) sound coming from my steam boiler. It's been off all summer with only the pilot light running. I shut off the natural gas line (the pilot light went out of course) but the squeaking stopped. I noticed that the sound was coming from the gas valve area that supplies the boiler and pilot light. I don't smell natural gas, but could I have a small leak? Thanks
  • Scott Scott @ 1:03 PM
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    try it again and check the meter. It could be the meter and traviling down the piping. Just in case check the flame hieght and see if its accesive. Better yet, call the gas company and have them do all of the above. If your not familiar with this stuff its not something to play with. Scott To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
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