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    Hot water lines crackling (3 Posts)

  • Tim Tim @ 11:05 AM
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    It is in the hot water supply line, saeems to be in the location of a tee or a 90, the water temp leaving the boilet is at about 140 and returning at 125-130 degrees. No relief valve discharge.
  • Tim Tim @ 7:50 AM
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    Hot water lines crackling

    I seem to get a crackling sound coming from my hot water supply line, it seems to be coming from either a tee fitting or a elbow. i think it is some air bubbles trapped, any comments
  • Big Ed Big Ed @ 9:14 AM
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    Death Rattle ?

    Is it when the hot water heater is building up ? Or are you talking about your boiler hot water supply line?? Does it sound like water boiling ?
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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