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    life expectancy of TACO 007-F4 pump as boiler pump (4 Posts)

  • Nelson Nelson @ 11:48 AM
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    TACO 007-F4 Pump

    I have a TACO 007-F4 pump on my boiler - provides hot water for in-floor heating, heat for domestic hot water and heat exchanger for furnace. it is 9 years old. How soon should I reasonable expect it to need replacement? Thanks
  • Brad White Brad White @ 12:20 PM
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    Is it giving you

    any problems? Taco pumps and others generally last for years and years, double yours in my experience, BUT... "it all depends". Chronic feedwater being introduced, use in an open system (such as a steam system below the waterline), temperatures, lots of variables) will shorten this dramatically. Personally, for most of my specification work, I indicate an option that the Owner would buy at least one spare pump in the box with bolts and gaskets for emergency replacement. Maybe this is something you might consider just the same? It also may be a time to freshly assess your actual flow and head needs, burner rate, heat loss and overall performance. You might need less pump and the 3-speed varieties or the variable varieties offered may well have an application. Just an opportunity that only costs an hour of your time.
  • alang alang @ 12:47 PM
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    I just pulled a Taco 007 off a friends boiler that was 20-25 years old and it is still in good shape. In this case, the only reason it needed to be replace was he was getting a new boiler and for $80 you might as well.
  • J.C.A. J.C.A. @ 5:15 PM
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    25 years in the field, and I'm guessing that I've replaced less than 30 Taco 007 pumps in that time. I wish I had a buck for all the bearing assemblies I've replaced over those years...but very few water lubed cartridge circulators. Heck, I still see some of the BULLET shaped ones in service!,AND...they're working just fine. Chris
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