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    Cleaning Low Water Cutoff (6 Posts)

  • Mike A Mike A @ 12:21 AM
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    Would a #67 kit work for a #64 (they look quite different)? I also don't really need the ball valve, either--I'm just trying to clean out the float chamber (there is already a ball valve installed--it just wasn't used). Thanks, Mike
  • Mike A Mike A @ 11:17 PM
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    cleaning low water cut-off

    Hey all: I have a boiler with a McDonell and Miller No. 64 Low Water Cutoff (with no automatic water feed), and it seems to be clogged. I was wondering whether there is anything I can do about this myself, or whether I should just call a professional. The Cutoff looks like it can be opened by unscrewing four bolts on the side of the main housing, and presumably I could clean out the gunk by opening this housing. However, there does appear to be a gasket that might not be reusable if I did open the Cutoff. And I've never seen inside one of these, so I don't really know how hard it would be to put it back to together or whether this is the proper approach to cleaning it. I've read Dan's book, and am pretty handy: is this a job I can do myself? Thanks for any help, Mike
  • bob young bob young @ 11:23 PM
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    # 67 blow down kit

    get a plate, gasket & ball valve. one hour or less job
  • bob young bob young @ 3:36 PM
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    if not ripped schmear w/ permatyex & re-assemble
  • bob young bob young @ 1:27 AM
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    # 64 not 67

    yeah, my mistake . 64 a bit more complicated. ....& expensive # 64 you can replace head assembly or parts are available to re-build [ gaskets , et al ] state supply got 'em , for one . have fun
  • Mike A Mike A @ 2:54 PM
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    I found a bunch of information at State Supply (including a manual, and a replacement gasket)--thanks for that tip. One last question: If I remove the head assembly to clean out the float chamber, do I necessarily have to replace the gasket? Or can I reuse the gasket if it is in decent shape? Mike
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