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    new Taco solar circ/control (2 Posts)

  • 1bourbon 1bourbon @ 4:49 PM
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    can't find the literature

    Latest blast of Taco News says the following about a new integrated solar control and circulator product. Sounds cool. But can't find any literature/specs on their website. Anyone seen a copy? Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator This new "00" circulator for the clean energy, solar thermal market continuously optimizes water flow through the solar collector to achieve maximum energy gain. The Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator combines the advanced features of Taco's external speed and solar controls with the reliability and convenience of our dependable "00" cartridge circulators.
  • joseph annon joseph annon @ 8:39 PM
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    Taco solar circulators

    I have one installed and I like it. It has a holiday setting on it that will cool the solar tank to 100F when activated. It does use variable speed to keep the temperature differential at a steady state so it doesn't cycle on and off. The board looks very similar to the other variable speed pumps. This will work drain down or drain back system heat zones. The control has an extra contact that will activate a pump or three way valve. Very nice compact system. No displays for temps though. Joe
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