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    Slant/Fin Hydronic Explorer (6 Posts)

  • Steven Gronski Steven Gronski @ 7:04 PM
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    Call Slantfin tech support...........

    and they will send you a new disk for free. I had a computor crash and went to reload it myself and found it gone. The tech at Slantfin said they were having problems with it and They are doing some modification. I just got my disk in the mail today. Steven Gronski Gronski Plumbing & Heating Cranston RI
  • Ross Ross @ 10:39 PM
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    version 2.0

    I have Slant-Fin 2.0 explorer, that was the latest version that I knew of.
  • Bob Flanagan Bob Flanagan @ 10:38 AM
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    Call us at Slant/Fin we would be

    Glad to send you the newer version of the Explorer. 1-800-873-4346 Thanks, Bob Flanagan V.P. Sales Slant/Fin Corp.
    Bob Flanagan
    Vice President
    Slant/Fin Corp.
  • Ross Ross @ 7:21 PM
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    Is it the new version?
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 6:21 PM
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    Slant/Fin Hydronic Explorer

    What happened?No longer available for download.
  • R Mannino R Mannino @ 8:06 PM
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    Version 1.0

    I have the old one on disk. What is the new version?
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