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    Can anyone tell me (11 Posts)

  • Eileen Olive Eileen Olive @ 4:33 PM
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    Can anyone tell me

    I am trying to find out if the federal & state (NY)tax rebate/incentive for installing Energystar boiler/indirect hot water heaters was in effect for tax year 2008. I have been told that they are in effect for 2009, but what about last year, say November & December . . . or does that carry over into 2009?
  • tim smith tim smith @ 5:21 PM
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    Only for equipment installed and paid for after 1-1-09

  • mike mike @ 6:11 PM
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    paid for after 1-1-09?

    interesting.......considering that we're now filing our tax returns on the money we made and SPENT in '08
  • Eileen Olive Eileen Olive @ 10:01 PM
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    What if it was purchased the end of 2008

    but not installed until January 2009? The indirect tank is still in the crate in the basement. Home owner purchased boiler & tank, but hired contractor to install.
  • N/A @ 10:08 PM

    Then you can

    take it on 2009 taxes and get a much better credit, It only counts after the unit is installed and operational.
  • Eileen Olive Eileen Olive @ 8:47 PM
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    Thanks, but

    So it does not mater "when" the unit was purchased, but when it was installed?
  • scrook scrook @ 10:28 PM
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    come this time next year you'll be doing your 2009 taxes... so factor it into your withholding now. Everything's got to start (or end) sometime!
  • Mech E Mech E @ 5:23 AM
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    For any of the tax credits and rebates it does not matter when you purchase the equipment. The question is when the system was installed and operating. As long as the system satisfies all the requirements of the credit, you are eligible for the credit. You can go to for more information about renewable energy credits and rebates offered by each state, or for information regarding energystar appliance rebates.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 6:28 AM
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    is no longer a NYS tax credit for EnergyStar boilers,it was vetoed by Gov.Spitzer in August 2007. The current federal credit is on 90%+ boilers.EnergyStar is 85%
  • Paul Fredricks Paul Fredricks @ 7:27 AM
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    What about windows

    We had some new windows installed last year. I can't find tax credit info in our state (CT) or Fed. Does anyone know if there are credit available?
  • steve steve @ 8:21 AM
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    I found out that installing my windows last year, I also lost out on that tax credit. I'm in NYS so don't be completely discouraged. It may be different in your state.
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