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  • tony C tony C @ 6:55 PM
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    where would you even find these books for these types of questions.
  • Johnboy Johnboy @ 8:16 AM
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    wow.....another potential Wallie has been blasted right off the map. He was just asking a simple question. Not sure why I even lurk here anymore.
  • steve steve @ 10:01 AM
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    14" is the max pressure in wc. B and C is #2. A manometer is what you measure differential pressures with. And finally the byproducts of combustion include water vapor.
  • Joe H Joe H @ 5:44 PM
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    technical questions any help would be appreciated 1 the maximum gas pressure that can be supplied to a water heater gas valve is ___ water column 27.6" 7" 13.8" 2 the manifold gas pressure for all water heaters is A the same B different depending on fule types C regulated by the gas valve D both B and C E both A and B 3 pressure readings in a power vent water heater vent are made using a ________ a slack tube or a digital manometer 4 The primary combustion products of burning natural or propane gas are heat,carbon dioxide and A water B vapor
  • bob bob @ 6:26 PM
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    13.8" , D , Draft gauge , the last one is a trick question , I would say A&B
  • J.C.A. J.C.A. @ 6:27 PM
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    Read the books !

    We ain't here to take your tests for you! Chris
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