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    No Heat From Gas Furnace (15 Posts)

  • scrook scrook @ 10:21 PM
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    assuming the burner lights: bad blower motor? broken belt? seized blower bearing? bad heat exchanger thermostat? something else? Call a service guy. 'Least it's not mid winter or a holiday weekend.
  • Ron Talbert Ron Talbert @ 9:37 PM
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    Gas Furnace Not Blowing Heat

    We have a gas furnace that is less than 8 years old (Payne Model PG8UAA). Last night it stopped blowing heat. When you move the theromstat past the actual temperature, it will not blow out through the vents. While standing by the furnace, it actually comes on, but doesn't blow out through the vents. I can hear it clicking like it's trying to fire up, but nothing happens. If I turn the fan out, it blows out cool air. What do I need to check?
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 9:40 PM
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    plugged air filter?

    zone dampers?
  • N/A @ 9:59 PM


    the yellow pages for a local heating service company, no, really.
  • N/A @ 10:01 PM

    Need more info

    Do you see a spark or glow, if so do you see it light? What happens if you turn fan to ON position at t-stat? Once you have those answers tell the tech when he arrives.
  • Ron Talbert Ron Talbert @ 10:29 PM
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    Gas Furnace Not Blowing Heat.

    When I turn the fan on at the thermostat, cool air comes out of the vents. I have 2 gas furnaces and the one that is working does a click and then you can see the blaze inside the furnace. The one that doesn't work does a click, but doesn't fire up.
  • Wayne Wayne @ 12:06 PM
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    Furnace is off on high limit.

  • Wayne Wayne @ 12:07 PM
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    Furnace is off on high limit.

    Dirty air filters etc cause a high limit failure. As other posts have stated, call in a service company to determine the exact cause of failure, replace with the correct factory part etc. Mn Wayne
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 10:27 PM
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    blowing cold air

    What does it mean if you turn the fan out and it blows cold air?
  • scrook scrook @ 1:05 PM
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    not a blower problem but a burner problem. could be a bad gas valve, bad ignitor, pilot blown out, bad thermopile, bad flame sensor, bad regulator, plugged burner orifice, any number of other things...
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 6:01 PM
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    gas problem

    Are you sure you didn't leave anything out Scrook? lol
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 6:42 PM
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    no heat in furnace

    something is either not turning the gas valve on, or keeping it on, by sensing a pilot-flame, or spark. i think you have adequate gas pressure, because your other furnace is working. if you have a pilot-light you could check the size of the flame, and whether it impinges properly on the thermocouple. the thermocouple nut may be loose, or there may be a bad millivolt connection. most people replace them at the first sign of trouble, as they are so relatively inexpensive, but necessary. sometimes the new digital thermostats will do strange things when their battery is weak, even though there is no warning symbol showing.--nbc
  • Ron Talbert Ron Talbert @ 10:31 PM
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    Gas Furnace Not Blowing Heat

    I mean when I flip the thermostat from auto to fan, the furnace blows out air through the vents, but of course it is cool air. Not heat.
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 10:39 PM
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    Ron, sounds like a gas burner problem thingy. The blower clearly operates. It could be just one problem, but many potentials. I'm oil, so sorry I have no more input. What you'll need is a gas tech to get you warm again. Best of luck. peace
  • scrook scrook @ 6:09 PM
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    lack of gas pressure at the street/meter? :-)
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