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    swing joint (6 Posts)

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    swing joint

    good evening. what exactly is a swing joint. thanks
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 11:35 PM
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    swing joint

    here is a small one on my boiler reservoir tank. the benefit is that the joint can absorb any expansion, and contraction forces, by allowing a twist at the joint.--nbc
  • N/A @ 9:48 AM

    Swing Joints in the Exit Risers

    A swing joint is a series of elbows and pipe nipples that allow movement between parts. It's like a universal joint on a car's drive shaft. With steam you probably ran across the term with regard to header piping.  Residential boilers are made up of sections which are bolted together (they look like slices of bread bolted together) The end sections have the steam risers attached to them. If the header that joins these end sections is rigid, when it expands, it puts undesirable  pressure on sections and the joints between the sections. Adding elbows (swing joints ) to the risers allows for movement  and therefore is less likely to cause damage to the boiler. (See attached drawing)
    - Rod
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    found great article on this topic by Noel Murdoch.
  • vaporvac vaporvac @ 1:12 AM
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    Great Link!

    Just want to say thanks for sucha great link to the article by Noel Murdoch. It really helped clarify a few things for me. In fact, the entire site is a gold mine of info.
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  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 11:38 AM
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