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  • Positive Solution Positive Solution @ 8:36 AM
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    My supplier started giving me stainless steel circulators. He told me they are the same as bronze circulators. I suspect this is not true. For domestic water, can I use a stainless steel circulator?
  • EricAune EricAune @ 1:38 PM
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    Stainless is fine for domestic

    Most of the major manufacturers are switching to an all cast iron or stainless casting product line.  This may be in line to comply with the "no lead" requirements but also streamlines their inventory.  
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  • markwilo1 markwilo1 @ 8:45 AM
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    Just remember though many manufacuturers would have you believe differently, not all Stainlesss Steels are created equally and it is not indestrctable.  Many independant studies have proven bronze volutes to have better flow and wear charecteristics vs SS. 
  • Radiohead Radiohead @ 10:42 PM
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    Which metal for hydronic heat?

    What metal pump should be used for circulation pumps in a oxygen barrier hydronic floor system..  Mine are currently cast iron....
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