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    How to stop squeeking (3 Posts)

  • Paulypfunk Paulypfunk @ 1:59 AM
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    How to stop squeeking

    I am concerned about squeeking/ticking tubing in my latest project.  I am using Uponor Hepex and I have a coulple of runs that go quite a way through wood framing and TGI's  before diving into the concrete floors.  One suggestion given to me was to use 1 3/8" insert type pipe insulators, but one size larger than needed.  That way the pipe would slide back and forth without rubbing on the wood.  Is this sound advice?
    The other question is what is the best material to use for my runs from the mechanical room to the manifold stations.  Should I run hard copper, Hepex protected by the same method as described above or use PEX-AL-PEX.  I understand that the three types have different expansion coefficents.

    Thanks for your opinons,
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  • zacmobile zacmobile @ 10:46 AM
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    Yeah, those mickey mouse style clips work good as do cut-off chunks of corrugated pvc (polypropylene?) flexible conduit, the kind that comes on sheathed pex for under-slab water piping or the grey electrical conduit type. Hepex would work fine for the manifold runs however PAP would reduce expansion, but if the water temp is reset any expansion/contraction noises should be all but eliminated. 
  • Slimpickins Slimpickins @ 3:34 PM
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    2 words....

    Constant flow
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