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    Recessed Sunrad Radiator for a bathroom (3 Posts)

  • fdtech fdtech @ 12:08 PM
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    Recessed Sunrad Radiator for a bathroom

    Ok so Im a complete newbie at this so please bear with me.

    I have steam heat in my home. I'm currently having my 2nd floor bathroom renovated. It is approximately 6 x 8. Right now, there is a free standing radiator in the room that has 5 columns in it (i believe thats what they're called). I will be removing that and recessing a radiator in the wall. I purchased a Sunrad this morning at my local plumbling supply store. I asked their advice on the size and they suggested a 6 or an 8 section and said the 6 section should be fine.

    My questions is basically whether this is OK or if I should return it for an 8 section model. The bathroom has one exterior wall, facing west, with a double glazed window. My contractor will be insulating all the walls and ceiling, including interior walls.

    Ive found some BTU calculators online and they give between 1400BTU and 1700BTU estimates for a 6x8 room. A 6 section radiator provides 1440 BTU. Any insight or help would be appreciated.

  • gerry gill gerry gill @ 4:29 PM
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    who is doing this work?

    if your contractor (I'm presuming a general contractor here) hires a steam contractor as a sub, they will run a heat loss of the room. They will then select the appropriate sized radiator based upon this loss, and compensating for any corrections that need to be done to the math due to recessing the radiator in the wall. That's how the scenario should play out.
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  • Long Beach Ed Long Beach Ed @ 7:15 PM
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    Yes, recessing a Sunrad in the wall will change its listed output. 
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