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  • Ironman Ironman @ 9:07 PM
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    Heat Loss Program

    Any of you guys know of a simple and cheap heat loss program that I could recommend to a home owner who wants to do their own calc.? Their house is so cut up  that it would literally take may a day to measure up everything and another day to run all the numbers. I'm swamped right now and don't have that kind of time.

    Preferably a program that you plug the numbers into instead of trying to draw the layout with a mouse like Wrightsoft does.

    Bob Boan

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  • Rod Rod @ 2:22 AM
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    Heat Loss Program

    Hi- You might want to take a look at this program.
    Very easy to use. The Residential version for commercial use is about $400 but they have the same version available for the homeowner at $ 49 which is useable for 2 months. There is a trial version you can download to check out the features.
    - Rod
  • TJ TJ @ 5:57 AM
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    Slant Fin Heat Loss

    Heat loss explorer by Slant fin is still around but you may have to search for it
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 7:44 AM
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    Heat Loss

    Try Siggy's Heat Load Pro, very good program,I just got it a couple of weeks ago, well worth the money,  it also has a Heating Cost Estimator along with it, check out John Siegenthaler's web site,
  • Jean-David Beyer Jean-David Beyer @ 8:32 AM
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    Try Siggy's Heat Load Pro

    I have the free version of this that comes with his book. It is enough to tease me and to convince me that if I were to do this kind of thing on a regular basis (I am not a professional, so I could not quite justify the cost), I would want the commercial (professional?) version of the software. The free version handles only two rooms on each of two zones, and you cannot save your work. It gives you a good idea of what the software can do, though.

    I think the book alone is well worth the money, so for me, the educational version is free.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 12:49 PM
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    a form or Excel sheet

    can be found here. If you want a hand calc sheet. Thanks to the Pikes Peak, Colorado Building Dept
  • timbus timbus @ 9:04 PM
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    heat loss

    Try  WarmBoard thru Rehau, Radwiz thru Vega, Burnham and Taco offer it as well, all free....  You do have to draw pictures w/ Taco FlowPro. 
  • icesailor icesailor @ 10:07 PM
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    Heat Loss Programs:

    The Slant Fin program is great. I've used it for years. I'm sorry it isn't available anymore.
    I used the IBR/Hydronics Institute system for years and years and always wanted to find a program that was based on IBR. Every one I tried was for AC or warm air. The S/F program is actually the IBR method. I have it on my laptop and I can go through a house quickly. I've never found anything as easy to use.
    But, that's me. 
  • jpf321 jpf321 @ 12:11 AM
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    i posted links to...

    both Taco FloPro and SlantFin Heatloss Explorer here:

    the SlantFin program is still available .. personally, I prefer Taco's FloPro
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