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    HELP!! Radiant heat not working!! (3 Posts)

  • thegirlnextdoor thegirlnextdoor @ 8:48 AM
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    HELP!! Radiant heat not working!!

    I have an older home on a lake with radiant heat, powered by a boiler.  The pump is working and I have bled all the lines, however the water is still not flowing through the pipes.  Could they be clogged with calcium or something?  Is there a way to check or unclog them without having to cut the pipes?  I have 3 children at home and we live in it's freezing.  We are using a space heater right now, and I'm seriously considering buying a EdenPure if I can't get the heat working.  If anyone has any ideas on what I can do, I would greatly greatly appreciate it as this is not the season for me to be shelling out thousands of dollars that I don't have on a heating system.  I appreciate any help or ideas that you have.  Thank you all so much.  
  • Chris Chris @ 8:59 AM
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    Would it be possible to post some pictures of the near boiler piping out to the radiant manifolds?
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  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 9:26 AM
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    Radiant heat means

    you have pipe buried in the floor walls or ceiling and not baseboard or radiators. If you have radiators do you have hot water or steam? Pictures help a lot.
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