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    Spaghetti & Heatcalls!! (6 Posts)

  • RandyG RandyG @ 11:19 AM
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    Spaghetti & Heatcalls!!

    The original installer fled and was nowhere to be found.....Thank god!  I will note only 2 of the 100 mistakes:  The pvc intake and exhaust are connected to the existing unlined chimney, and the indirect is supplied by one of the 1/2" pex branches off of the manifold. In effect they had no hot water.  Ya Think!!
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 5:45 PM
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    Thats the funniest one I've ever seen Randy

    Mad Dog
  • Paul Rohrs Paul Rohrs @ 9:19 AM
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    That one had me chuckling as well. 
    I think he must have also been a whiz in geometry with all of the angles going on.
    His motto may have been, "Right angles are wrong angles".
    Maybe an "Extreme Heating Makeover" would be appropriate.

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  • Jean-David Beyer Jean-David Beyer @ 10:28 AM
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    intake and exhaust are connected to the existing unlined chimney,

    Should we set up a betting pool? Will the unlined chimney fail before the boiler does? Or after?

    If condensing happens in unlined chimney, its life will be shortened. If the boiler inhales its air from the same chimney that it exhausts to, heat exchanger, and perhaps burner, life will be shortened.
  • RandyG RandyG @ 8:09 AM
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    The ugliness continued out of the boiler room...

    and entered the radiant circuits, that traveled over 600 feet.  Thus the heat calls!
  • Grappa Grappa @ 9:42 AM
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    Pro install?

    Did someone pay a contractor to do that, or a DIY install?

    The less you know about something, the easier it seems to do. Therefore, if it seems easy, you don't know it.

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