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    Why can't house get above 65 degrees? (5 Posts)

  • Joseph Joseph @ 8:43 PM
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    Why can't house get above 65 degrees?

    Have customer with gas forced hot water boiler. aquastat is at 200 and gauge says water temp is 210. has a B and G 100 series pump on it (which does seem to be turning a little slower than normal) house temp wont go above 65. There are other zones. all thermostats read only 65. Any ideas as to why temperature wont raise higher? Customer says she doesn't ever remember this happening.
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 9:00 PM
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    air , bad pump

    why is the water so darn high? Is it that short on radiation?
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  • 4Johnpipe 4Johnpipe @ 9:52 PM
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    Zone Valves?

    Sounds like the pump is turning a little? With multiple T stats and one B&G you should have zone valves for each T stat. See that the zoneĀ valves are opening. Look for a control box also and check for proper low voltage. Maybe a transfomer?
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  • tim smith tim smith @ 8:32 AM
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    Re too cold

    is it abnormally cold in your area right now. Maybe you are just exceeding the radiator output. Also verify gauge reading with surface thermometer or infrared temp gun. Good luck
  • Big Ed Big Ed @ 12:38 AM
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    No Flow

    I would suspect a drop in flow... Any work done on the system ... Change in the pipe work ? You could have a bad impeller or Something caught up in it ? Broken gate valves ... Check all valves .. Broken spring checks , stuck flow valves or plugged supply pipes . Water leaks and constant adding of fresh water would rot out the inside of the system.. Do you notice a large delta T between the supply and return ? I would first ask the home owner what has changed ? Simple changes could short change the system too .. Just added central AC ? Are the ducts and the return closed off .

    Funny story in my early years , On a house renovation ...Up stairs zone , simple base board loop .. The boiler was removed for a period of time.. The whole house was lifted above the flood zone ... The boiler was reconnected after a new slab was pored and new base board was installed... We used the old supply pipes that snaked up to the second floor..Everything seem to work fine ... Until the temperature dropped... The faults and $%&# up always show up when the temperature drops . Food for thought.. Any way , every foot of base board seem to be hot , but the rooms could not break 65* ... Well you must need more base board .. We added and added .. We throw our hands up there was no more wall space left.. He lived with it for years until one day they had a kitchen fire ... The whole house was ripped apart this time .. In those old set of supply risers a A glob of fuzzy goo was found......A mouse worked its way up the open pipe, and it laid for year ... , Under inspection I thought I spotted his little paw pop out and flipped us the bird :)
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