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    installing sunrad recessed radiators? (2 Posts)

  • swex01 swex01 @ 10:09 PM
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    installing sunrad recessed radiators?

    We recently had our c\kitchen renovated and the contractor installed three sunrad recessed radiators, (However they stick out about an inch from the wall.)   The problem is, they are not stable; that is they rock backwards when pushed. 
      What was the proper way for these to be secured when installed and ehat's the best solution now that the trim is on and all is painted? 
  • Al Letellier Al Letellier @ 7:51 AM
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    securing heat emitters

    Not much you can do without removing the front cover and screwing the units to structure. Hopefully a properly sized rough in was framed around the heater and you should be able to screw through the side panels into framing. IF they were not installed correctly, you should have some recourse in getting the installer back to fix it, on his wallet, not yours,
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