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    Esso furnace id (4 Posts)

  • Bambi Bambi @ 8:08 PM
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    Esso furnace id

    My dad left me an old Esso oil furnace, model GVU/EVU85A1 s/n 11165 manufactured by Gilbert & Barker of West Springfield Mass.  It has worked in my garage for years after my dad died.  But now I am having problems and thought I might find a book on this furnace.  I did the google search but found nothing.  How can I find literature on this old furnace and how to operate it or troubleshoot it.  
  • billtwocase billtwocase @ 9:09 PM
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    warm air?

    I have worked on a many Esso boiler, Gilbarco, later Thatcher, but haven't run into an Esso warm air. What are you looking for, what problems are you having, and can you post some pics.
  • Big Ed Big Ed @ 12:56 AM
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    Tells you how old it is .. When did ESSO change its name to Exon... 1972 ?

    Simple furnace , Low speed burner , J pump , Stack relay , fan and limit and belt drive blower ..

    The Paper work that came with your unit was not much , just a few pages back then ... It told you where the reset button might be . For the adjustments they would add drawings of what the shape of the fire should look like. If you had that great ,side cut away view rather then the normal peek over the top .... Back then flame mirrors where big to adjust the fire rather then a combustion test kit :) ...

    They could have also added that old out dated (even for the time ) oil supply diagram ,With a low pressure oil tank sitting three feet in the air with the oil line under the slab running to a pedestal burner ...

    Just running a little off here ... take a look up above the furnace , in the beams or nook and crannies it might be laying around ... Those old timers never throw anything out ...
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • Jean-David Beyer Jean-David Beyer @ 8:29 AM
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    It is more complicated than that, not that it matters.

    About Esso, Humble, and Exxon.
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