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    Heating Edge baseboard with geothermal ? (7 Posts)

  • A.J. A.J. @ 9:40 PM
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    Heating Edge baseboard with geothermal ?

    Is any body using Heating Edge baseboard with a geothermal water to water unit ? The numbers they promote for 115 supply water temp. is impressive .
  • Terry O Terry O @ 9:59 AM
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    haven't used on geothermal...

    but we have used on quite a few projects.... utilized dual supply piping and saw good results. Used in one great room where wall space was extremely limited due to glass  and got expected results. Also have used on low temp radiant systems where baseboard was requested. Nice product albeit a little pricey.
  • A.J. A.J. @ 12:06 AM
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    Thanks for the input

    We have a job that is struggling . The board just doesn't seem to be putting out the BTUs it seems to be doing only about half of what it is rated for.
  • NRT_Rob NRT_Rob @ 11:39 AM
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    I believe

    if you look into it the output of heating edge baseboard is very similar to pretty much all "high output" baseboard options out there, such as Haydon 958 or 1050 series. and they are a lot cheaper.
  • A.J. A.J. @ 11:03 PM
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    Heating Edge Update

    Since I last posted on the wall the board rep. came out for the second time to look at the job , but this time he had some new numbers as to what the board will put out . It is about 55% of what the original numbers were . Wish I would have known that before I did a whole house with that stuff. I am in it up to my you know what now !
  • NRT_Rob NRT_Rob @ 8:57 AM
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    what are

    the numbers he's giving you per foot now? that really sounds awful...
  • A.J. A.J. @ 3:29 PM
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    new numbers

    Rob the new numbers are 345 BTU/ft @ 110 deg average water temp.  The old numbers were 535 BTU/ ft @ 110 entering water temp.
    They are stepping up though and are going to help me fix the problem , thank God .
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