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    Hot water requirement for 24 unit multifamily (5 Posts)

  • Haviara Haviara @ 2:06 PM
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    Hot water requirement for 24 unit multifamily

    We manage a 24 Unit multifamily that we want to convert to gas. As part of that we will be removing the hot water production from the steam boiler and onto separate hot water heaters during the summer. Looking for opinions on how big of storage tanks we should have in place.

    Will two 100 gallon gas heaters in parallel be enough for a 24 unit building with 11 two-bedrooms 8 one-bedrooms and 5 studios with medium to high hot water usage?
  • Jim Pompetti Jim Pompetti @ 2:26 PM
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    Hot water

    Also need , number of dish washers ,Baths , Is there a laundry ,if so how many ?
  • Haviara Haviara @ 3:29 PM
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    No laundry room

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    There is no laundry room or dishwashers.
    Each apartment has one bathroom with standard low flow shower heads. The problem however is that I have caught a few people swapping the shower heads and also using the bath tub to wash clothing. In general I feel that most in the building are not very conservation minded.
  • Ironman Ironman @ 7:22 PM
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    I Would Recommend...

    That you look at a modular mod/con setup like Buderus or Triangle Tube offers. Connect those to properly sized reverse indirect (s) and you'll have the most efficient system that will never run out of hot water.

    The boiler or indirect rep have programs that will properly size what you need.
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • Is_solar Is_solar @ 8:15 PM
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    Do solar

    Look into getting a solar, pre-heat system. Youll get  tax credits and other tax benefits and it would be great PR for your building.
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