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    Tekmar 400 series (4 Posts)

  • PeterNH PeterNH @ 11:37 AM
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    Tekmar 400 series

    Anyone have a 400 Series House Control?
    Or any experience with it?
    Pro's Con's
    Comments all appreciated.

  • Empire Empire @ 4:11 PM
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    It's a typical ORC control.

    This control you will like.  Offers ORC out door reset control for your boiler with Priority DHW if so desired.  Incorporates the use of zoning with zone valves or switch to pump control with the addition of isolation relays to activate pumps.  User selectable set points and minimum water temp control.  Google Tekmar controls and you can find literature to answer all of your questions.

    Mike T.
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  • PeterNH PeterNH @ 4:35 PM
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    Hello Mike,
    Thanks.  I've spent countless hours reading about all the Tekmar controls.
    I've almost convinced myself on the 402, with just a few revervations/ questions. To follow. later.
    Just looking for other opinions, good or bad.

  • Zman Zman @ 12:25 AM
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    Love Tekmar

    I have had great experiences with tekmar. The tech support is great.As you in the east would say "they are wicked smaaat"! I have called them several times in the design phase and they have been very useful.
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