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    Wall-mount radiator install? (5 Posts)

  • JeffGuy JeffGuy @ 11:52 PM
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    Wall-mount radiator install?

    I have a wall-mount steam radiator that I am thinking of converting to use with a hot-water system.

    Does anyone know where to get brackets to mount it to a wall? Hopefully a couple inches out from the wall so it could be used as a towel warmer?

    (pictures attached)

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  • Patrick_North Patrick_North @ 7:55 AM
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    Hi Jeff,
    I recall a thread some time ago where Steamhead actually cast "new antique" wall rad brackets out of- I believe- aluminum. I've never gone to these lengths, but I have fabricated several pair out of steel stock. They work and look great, and it's easy to customize the "standoff" distance from the wall. If you or a buddy can weld, it's not difficult.
    I've made two types. With a rad like the one you pictured (I have the same rad in a larger model in my kitchen) I simply made a flat bottom bracket (like the one on the left) using 2"X 1/4" stock. For rads that are round on the bottom, I cut a segment out of a short length of pipe to act as a sort of cradle. Four screws apiece have been adequate for me, though the real trick is ensuring a strong substrate. Wouldn't want to rely on drywall anchors in a case like this.
    It's actually been a bit trickier to fashion top supports. For the last few I've fabricated standoffs that can be screwed to the wall behind the top portion of the rad. I thread a bolt (with a large washer) through the rad and secure it to the standoff. This ensures the rad remains stable and parallel to the wall with minimal interference to the rad's convection.
    Good luck!
  • JeffGuy JeffGuy @ 12:08 PM
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    Thanks, but

    I'm not a welder - I couldn't put that many parts together and make it work. I have no trouble cutting and grinding metal however. Maybe I could refashion something like a shelf bracket?
  • Lemley Lemley @ 6:50 PM
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    Answer to your bracket mount

    What did you do for your radiator mount? Interestingly, I have the exact same radiator to mount.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 8:49 PM
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    I have a customer

    he didnt do it or know who did it, he bought the house this way, they put threaded rod with nuts and washers to keep the unit from the wall, then squeezed the radiator with them...
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