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    new boiler does't make pressure (5 Posts)

  • tis tis @ 8:31 AM
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    new boiler does't make pressure

    I just put in a new steam boiler this week-end, the customer had the old one run with no water when I got to the house. We had to install a new one this weekend.
    All of the radiator where getting hot on the 1& 2nd flrs but the boiler would not make pressure (.5 cut-in to 1 cut out psi) but it ran all night. All the air vents were changed. This a gas fired boiler (no burner). So if someone would have any inside
    on what you think is going I would be most appreciated.
  • Abracadabra Abracadabra @ 8:47 AM
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    need a lot more info

    connected EDR?

    boiler sq.ft. steam?
    at first glance sounds like the boiler is too small.
  • Mike Kusiak Mike Kusiak @ 8:51 AM
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    Undersized boiler?

    Was the boiler sized properly to match the EDR of the radiation? If it is the right size, is it firing at the proper rate?

    Have you checked the gas pressure before the gas valve and at the manifold so see if the gas piping can supply adequate gas without excessive pressure drop?

    A properly sized and fired boiler should not run continuously all night without building at least some pressure.
  • gerry gill gerry gill @ 9:38 PM
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    what do you mean by

    'it ran all night' ? Do you mean it never turned off, or do you mean it was available to provide heat all night?  if it actually ran all night long and the outdoor temp was above design temp and you didn't build any pressure then yes the boiler is to small or not firing at the correct ''w.c. ..if you were at design temp outside, you could have a boiler that is so dead nuts sized to the money that it condenses whats being made..
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  • nz nz @ 10:43 AM
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    One Pipe or Two Pipe?

    I have a two pipe system that built *almost* no pressure until I replaced some traps that were stuck wide open, blasting the steam into some of the return lines. Once I fixed those traps, I was able to build some pressure. I'm a homeowner, so listen to the experts here...but that's my two cents :)
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