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    Inconspicuous HRV/ERV ceiling inlets/outlets (3 Posts)

  • Gordan Gordan @ 1:37 PM
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    Inconspicuous HRV/ERV ceiling inlets/outlets

    What's everyone using for small diameter (3", 4") ceiling duct terminations, such as what might be used for a HRV or ERV? Can't find anything that would be low profile and require a minimal cutout...
  • BillW BillW @ 10:38 AM
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    I've seem everything from conventional louver-type diffusers to the round outlets for hi-velocity systems used.  The only thing I would recommend is that the outlets be mounted so they don't discharge directly onto anyone.  ER/HRV units are only about 80% efficient, and can discharge cold air on days when it is very cold outside.  Insulation of the ductwork is vital.
  • Gordan Gordan @ 8:23 AM
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    The diffusers seem to run on the large side of things. I like the high velocity outlets but they're $pendy. Oh, well...
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