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    Lochinvar WHN 110 V/S primary pump options (5 Posts)

  • Limamikemike Limamikemike @ 8:30 PM
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    Lochinvar WHN 110 V/S primary pump options

    Has anyone used a variable speed pump with one of the smaller WHN boilers (55,85,110) on the primary loop. The install manual only has specs for the larger of the boilers in this series.

    The reason I'm asking is I'm looking at a grundfos UP 15-42 V/S to replace the UP 15-58 I'm currently using (works fine-but I'd like to use the 0-10v control that the boiler has) The 15-42V/S has curve specs that should match my 110s exchanger head loss.

    The V/S pump recomendations in the I&O manual for the larger boilers are too large for the smaller exchanger boilers. 

    Are there any other smaller V/S pumps that accept 0-10v signal inputs?

    My system is a whole house fancoil with an alpha on speed 2(autoadapt seems to not like this application) with 5 panel rads w/trvs for the basement at a later date.

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  • smihaila smihaila @ 9:53 AM
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    I'm looking

    for the same thing, but for an even smaller Lochinvar boiler model, such as WHN055.
  • ced48 ced48 @ 10:07 AM
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    Most of the Taco

    pumps are available with the 0-10v option.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:59 AM
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    Variable speed circs with 0-10V inputs

    Taco Variable Speed Variable Voltage 00 circulators.  006-VVF4 is the smallest, should work well for almost any config of the 055 and 085, and short primary loops on the 110.
  • Limamikemike Limamikemike @ 2:49 AM
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    Variable pump

    Ended up using a Taco 007-VV. Works excellent.
    On the latter half of the winter moved the Alpha to service the radiators and purchased a Taco Bumblebee for the Fancoil. Seems to be working great.
    My only petpeeve is the 3 min full speed thing the bumblebee does at start up, I wish it was adjustable or if the pump had a learning algorithim similar to the alpha as it always seems to be within +/-.5 of a gpm (indicated) once it settles down irregardless of what the temp outdoor reset on the boiler asks for.
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