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    No. 6 Gorton (G6S8) and other STRAIGHT valves (5 Posts)

  • Jerry Withers Jerry Withers @ 1:45 PM
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    No. 6 Gorton (G6S8) and other STRAIGHT valves

    I was thinking of adding a No. 6 Gorton (G6S8) to increase the venting capability of one of my second floor radiators (it is the the last one on it's branch of pipe) and was wondering - all the Gorton values seem to be straight. Does that mean I need a 90 degree elbow to be able to use them on my radiators or can they be screwed it directly as they are?
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  • Patrick_North Patrick_North @ 2:26 PM
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    Not just straight

    Hi Jerry,
    All the Gorton vents intended for use on radiators (including the #6) can be had with an angled connection, making extra fittings unnecessary. Frankly, I didn't even know you could buy them in a "straight" configuration.
    If you're having trouble finding the exact vent you want locally, I've had good luck with Just bought a half dozen #6's (with angled connection) from them last week.
    Good luck,
  • Jerry Withers Jerry Withers @ 2:46 PM
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    might actually work as straight

    I currently have a Danfoss Thermostatic Radiator valve on this radiator so I guess I could just replace the straight valve on that with a straight Gortons and that should work. For a long time I was thinking of putting a main air vent in front of the radiator, but this might work and be much easier to do than having to re-pipe in front of the radiator.
  • crash2009 crash2009 @ 6:33 PM
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    Hey Jerry

    Straight vents cannot be installed sideways, they must be installed verticle.  You can install a straight vent into an elbow.  Maybe your best idea is just to remove the TRV and order an angled vent.  The "last rad" can be tough, but it can be beat.  I had my own experience with one a couple months ago.  Do you have a digital camera?  Can we see a picture of the radiator?  If there is another radiator on the same pipe below a picture of that too.  And one last shot of how those 2 (if there is 2) hook up to the main in the basement.
  • Jerry Withers Jerry Withers @ 9:11 AM
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    TRV uses a straight valve

    Hi again,
    The TRV itself uses a straight valve. The valve just screws into the TRV with the TRV acting as an elbow so using a straight valve should work.
    Yes, the radiator in question is on the second floor with a radiator on the same pipe on the first floor. Both have the same TRV.
    Getting a picture of the pipes in the cellar is a bit difficult as that area is not easily accessable.
    I will see what I can do and post some pics.
    This is the radiator upstairs. the one downstairs has the same TRV on it.
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