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    Radiant floor with steam (2 Posts)

  • malex malex @ 10:55 AM
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    Radiant floor with steam

    Since insulating the mains I miss the the radiant floor effect I had going in the galley style kitchen from the main running directly under it. I am wondering if there is another way to steal some heat from the main? I've thought of a couple screwball ideas:

    1. Remove a slit of insulation from the top of the pipe (but this may have detrimental effect to the insulation value and once I finish the basement ceiling heat will be deflected)
    2. A runout to go into the joist bay and act as a hidden radiator (you probably don't want the steam pipe against the floor plank boards though)
    3. Aluminum plates against the floor that are attached to the main to conduct heat

    Maybe these are just 'pipe' dreams but I sure I am not the first to think about it on the wall?
  • Tim_Hodgson Tim_Hodgson @ 4:21 PM
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    I like

    your idea of the pipe radiator in the joist bay. Just be sure to support,  pitch, drip and vent the pipe properly. I would guess that one 1/2" pipe is more than enough heat supply for one joist bay.
    Good luck,
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