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    Securing PVC fitting cover inserts (8 Posts)

  • Rav Rav @ 9:08 AM
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    Securing PVC fitting cover inserts

    I'm insulating my home hot water (not steam) heating black pipes in my unfinished basement.  When I put a PVC fitting cover over an elbow or a T or any other fitting, I first position, tuck and fold the fiberglass insulation insert around the elbow/T/etc. prior to putting the cover on.  Once on, I secure the cover with Z-tape.  The problem is that sometimes part of the insert starts coming away from the pipe before I put the cover on.  Even if I do get the cover on before the insert starts coming off, I'm concerned that it's not secured well enough under there.  What do people here recommend to secure the insert onto the pipe before putting the cover on?  I didn't think that using plastic cable ties would be a good idea due to the heat.  I was thinking a single wrap of some sort of thin bare wire, but what?  Stainless steel?  Galvanized?  Or is there something better?  Thanks.
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    Have you seen this video?

    It may help.
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  • Rav Rav @ 11:06 AM
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    Securing PVC fitting cover inserts

    I watched that video (and the other 3 in the same series) before I started this project a few months ago.  I just re-watched the particular one you referenced.  At 7:24 I see the person wrapping the insulation blanket with what looks like tape, prior to putting the fitting cover over it -- but I'm not sure what kind of tape it is.  Do you think it's PVC/vinyl/Z-tape ?  Is that what you're recommending?  Thanks.
  • Paul Pollets Paul Pollets @ 11:41 AM
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    Securing covers

    We use the serrated tacks to secure the fittings, as well as the white tape that is supplied by the vendor for Zeston covers.
  • Rav Rav @ 11:45 AM
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    Securing PVC fitting cover inserts

    Thanks for your reply, Paul.  I understand using the tacks and tape to secure the fitting covers themselves; are you saying you also use the tape to help secure the fiberglass inserts to the pipe (when necessary) before putting the covers on?
  • Paul Pollets Paul Pollets @ 12:00 PM
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    The tacks are used to secure the covers, then the tape applied to seal the ends of the fitting cover to the pipe insulation.
  • bob bob @ 12:19 PM
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    Rav , I have seen regular bailing twine used. Just wrap it around the fiberglass and tie it. The heat won't bother it.
  • JasonA JasonA @ 1:55 PM
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    Where are the gloves?

    Watching those videos makes me itch...
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