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    Steam Boiler for a pickle company (4 Posts)

  • McClure McClure @ 10:23 AM
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    Steam Boiler for a pickle company

    Hi, I'm the co-owner of McClure's Pickles. We make...pickles in Detroit, MI. We're undergoing some construction on a new facility and are in need of some gas steam boiler advice.

    We are trying to figure out what size boiler we need for our factory and here's what we've got to heat...

    We have a 300 gallon kettle that has the following information:

    - B. H. Hubbert Jacketed Kettle
    - 300 gallon capacity
    - Top center bridge spans diameter with 1/2 top a hinged cover.
    - Inside dimensions are 51" D x 42" deep.
    - Outside measurements are 60" wide x 68" over all height.
    - Jacket Pressure: 42 psi @ 268*F

    We add vinegar, water and salt into the kettle and need to get the contents between 195F-212F. What sized gas steam boiler would we require to heat the contents to this temperature and to run it for a period of 6-8 hours at this temperature?

    Additionally...we are eventually going to be getting a steam tunnel to process the jars (currently we boil the jars after we pack/seal them). The steam will also need to be at 212F and cook the jars for at least 5 minutes. The tunnel will be approximately 4' W x 20' L and need to maintain that temperature for at least 2-3 hours throughout the day.

    Would this require a lo-pressure or high-pressure boiler and what BTU rating boiler would we need for both applications?

    Thanks -- any advice or even a lead to an engineer would be appreciated.

    -Bob McClure
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 1:45 PM
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    If I were you....

    I'd copy/paste this post over to the steam section.  That's your best shot.
  • furnacefigher15 furnacefigher15 @ 10:04 PM
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    Consult an Engineer

    I, or someone else could likely size a boiler to that spec, but I won't.

    You need to consult an engineer for this project. Let them spec the boiler, the piping, and all required steam traps.

    Contact Spirax Sarco and they could point you in the right direction, and may be able to recommend an enginner in your area. Spirax Sarco specialize in steam utilization systems for process.
  • McClure McClure @ 9:33 AM
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    Thanks for the replies. Appreciate the help!

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