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    Indirect or Tankless (3 Posts)

  • KH KH @ 9:34 PM
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    Indirect or Tankless

    We are debating between replacing our standard gas water heater with a 60 gallon indirect Superstore hot water tank and a gas-fired tankless.  The cost for the tankless is a bit less (because of the energy rebate) but the indirect is guaranteed for life.  Any thoughts??
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 10:07 AM
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    water quality?

    I prefer indirects as they have large volumes and low standby heat loss with good water flow through them. What boiler would be heating it though?
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  • bob eck bob eck @ 8:31 PM
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    Indirect or tankless

    If you go tankless you might need to make the gas line larger to handle the TGWH plus boiler and any other gas appliances plus you must vent it. If you go indirect some come with a lifetime warranty check the warranty first plus you do not need to vent it. You could also look at A O Smith Vertex 50 gallon water heater only 76,000 BTU input and delivers 127 gallons first hour and 92 gallons continuous this output is double the regular 50 gallon power vented tank type water heater. Take a look ar reducing your shower heads to low flow like the Delta 1.6 GPM model.
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