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    410a & 407c (4 Posts)

  • zepfan zepfan @ 1:44 PM
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    410a & 407c

    If r410a is the long term replacement for r22 in comfort cooling installations,does anyone know why r407c seems to be the refrigerant of choice in precision cooling installations? I have asked several refrigerant manufactures and have yet to get a clear cut answer
  • Techman Techman @ 3:51 PM
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    R-407c  operates @ very similar head press as r22 ,so , mfrgs can use existing r22 compressors .? Lower head = lower  cost. And r-410a is on its way out  soon.
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  • Empire Empire @ 8:39 AM
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    407c vs R-22

    The battle will wage for years.  Yes it is an excepted drop in for R-22, but as for the performance, R-22 does perform better in recip. compressors as compared to R-407c Refg.  Nice article on the 2 refg.  Google R-22 vs R407c.  Very interesting articles on the refrigerants.  How have you been Terry?  Oh and in my opinion, $Cost is most likely the determinative factor on this topic.  Many specialty systems, especially Liebert which is in use in almost every Server/PC rooms in the gov. powers that be and the thought of changing to R-410a could not be tolerated and the down time is not an option.  Can you imagine the contractor telling gen whoever, "Yup, we'll have to shut down the predator drone sector of the building for a month while we switch you over to R410a, tell the war to hold on a few..........?"

    Mike T.
  • matthewj matthewj @ 7:22 PM
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    low ambient

    I think that it may have to do with the low ambient condenser flooding controls that are commonly used on precision equipment.  The last time I looked for them they were not available yet for 410a. 
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